Structural Integration

What is Structural Integration?

Structural Integration (SI), also known as Rolfing and developed by Dr Ida Rolf, is a form of bodywork that reorganises the body by working with its main connective tissue, called fascia.

Fascia is a continuous web-like sheath that enwraps all muscles, bones and organs in the body, hence being called connective tissue. Fascia gives shape to these muscles and more importantly to the body’s structure.

The fascia may systematically shorten and tighten, or ‘stick’, giving imbalance to one’s body and this may cause stiffness, pain and a lack of energy.  Things that can cause fascia to stick or adhere are: SI2images

•    Physical injuries or trauma such as car accident
•    Surgery, in particular incisions
•    Overuse such as poor posture, repetitive movement or activities.
•    Ageing process where fascia becomes more fibrous and loosens

SI helps align the body’s structure by lengthening and retraining the fascia. This helps to release the fascia and allows the muscles to regain better shape giving stability to the body’s structure. It releases the body from lifelong patterns of tension, and allows the force of gravity to realign itself.

The SI series frees you from your superficial fascia thereby allowing us to work on the deeper restrictions, with each session building upon the previous to help create support for the next level of release.  SI is a series of 10 sessions.

Here is an overview:

Sleeve Sessions:

In the series session 1-3 is working the superficial lines of fascia, freeing the breath and levelling the hips. Provide support in the body’s structure working on legs and feet then outside lines of the body to give your body more depth from front to back.

Core Sessions:

In session 4-7 we start to work on the deeper layers of fascia, connecting the lower body to core working through the mid line or inner legs to the pelvis.
Then connecting the upper body to core working through the front of your body, chest, abdomen and pelvis. Then addressing the back line of your body to connect the legs to your pelvis and spine. In the seventh session the goal is to work on the shoulder, neck and head. This allows your head to balance on top of your spine with ease.

Integrated Sessions:

Sessions 8-9 work to integrate the lower or upper extremities, legs or arms, with the core.

The final session works to integrate the entire body.