Uniting Mind & Body

Welcome to Unity Massage & Myotherapy

At Unity Massage & Myotherapy we go above and beyond standard massage treatments to achieve great outcomes for your mind and body.

Regular massage treatments are essential for keeping your body finely tuned and healthy. Remedial massage can treat soft tissue pain caused by strain and injury, or just relieve the stress of day-to-day life, improving your health and wellbeing.

Myotherapy features a range of treatment techniques or "modalities" including massage, lymphatic drainage, dry needling, nutrition advice and exercise techniques, that when combined are very effective at reducing pain. Our clients regularly report back that they are pain free and often after only one session.

Our clients also comment on how painless the treatments are. Our goal is to get rid of your pain, not make it worse through a painful treatment.

Myotherapy and massage treatments can help improve your posture and alignment, resulting in you feeling lighter, but grounded, with much lower stress levels. If you have suffered an injury, a therapist will provide exercises and stretches to lessen or eliminate these problems.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms...

    Anxiety or tension
    Back, neck or shoulder pain
    Headaches or migraines
    Muscle pain or stiffness
    Pre- or post-natal (pregnancy) related discomfort
    Sporting or repetitive strain injuries
    Oedema (swelling)

Contact Unity Massage & Myotherapy today! Let us help you get back to being your best!