Lymphatic Drainage

What is Manual lymphatic drainage?

Manual lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage using circular rhythmical movement that works in conjunction with the lymphatic system to stimulate and direct fluid movement. Manual lymphatic drainage helps with restoring lymphatic pathways and stimulating the lymphatic vessels to remove both excess fluid and proteins from the tissues and toxins.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a collection of protein-rich fluid which can result in swelling of one or more regions in the body. Usually this occurs when the body has been effected by trauma and swelling is present within a region. Manual Lymphatic drainage can assist by removing the excess fluid. Regions in the body can be the limbs, trunk, pelvis and genital region as well as the chest/breast and head/neck.
At Unity Massage & Myotherapy we take extreme care with our patients and many who receive manual lymphatic drainage for the first time are pleasantly surprised at how gentle and more importantly how effective this treatment can be.

Many of our patients say they feel lighter and report back that they had a better and deeper night sleep while feeling refreshed and more alert from Manual lymphatic drainage.

The benefits of Manual lymphatic drainage massage are as follows:

Lymphatic Drainage ant post
• Decrease in swelling within a region
• Assists in pain management
• Assists with burns
• Increase in range of movement
• Removes toxins, dead cells and waste
• Reduces risks of infection (cellulitis)
• Assists with pre - and post - surgical recovery
• Stops fluid build-up and thickening below surgery incision
• Encourages less visible, seamless and softer scar tissue
• Pre and post pregnancy
• Can assist with menopause
• Assist with migraines and headaches
• Sleep disorders
• Stress
• Arthritis

Post-operative Manual lymphatic drainage massage

Manual lymphatic drainage is important after surgery for the following reasons:

• Reduce bruising
• Reduce excess build-up of fluid in the tissues
• Help remove dead cells
• Anaesthetic
• Better cognitive awareness

When to begin treatment?

The wonderful thing about manual lymphatic drainage is that it can be performed 2-6 weeks after surgery depending on your conditions. Please call Unity Massage & Myotherapy to discuss your case further.

The benefits of this treatment depends on where the surgery was performed. Manual lymphatic drainage can be applied above the area of the incision if you still are wearing the bandage. We do not massage on or near the incisions to avoid risks of infection. The frequency of treatment depends on the type of surgery but we generally recommend 1-2 times a week for 3-4 weeks.

Give Unity Massage & Myotherapy a call today to discover the benefits of Manual lymphatic drainage and how it can help you.